[GRASS-user] some issues with python scripts

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 02:19:40 EST 2011

[sorry, I read this thread backwards so missed vital history..]

> # this is what actually happens when using the wx interface
> >>>> elevmap = 'cass at brasil'
> >>>> find_elev = grass.find_file(elevmap, element = 'cell')

No, you are using .find_file wrong. it finds *files* not maps.

if something is qualifying the name, and you don't want it
qualified, try using .split('@')[0] before treating the map
name as a map component file which happens to share the map's

> 3 - temp files.
> In my bash scripts I used temp files. I found out that using
> g.tempfile() gives me a filename with a full path,
> which cannot be used in r.mapcalc, for instance.

again, that is giving you a *file* name, not a map name to work
with. if you want a temp *map* for r.mapcalc, a convention is to
call it something like tmp_modulename.$$, then remove later with



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