[GRASS-user] v.in.ascii: Error Needs Explanation

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Thu Mar 3 13:10:20 EST 2011

   I have a 3-column table with 110,337 rows. The first column is the primary
key to a postgres attribute table, the second column is the longitude, and
the third column is the latitude. Based on the manual page I made the field
separators the pipe '|'. However, I have a syntax error and I don't
understand what it's telling me.

   First few table lines:


   The command line is:

GRASS 6.5.svn (Nevada-ll):~/grassdata > v.in.ascii -bt
in=/home/rshepard/GIS/data/Nevada/nv_wells.txt out=water_wells format=point
fs='|' skip=1 columns='well_log varchar(6), x double precision, y double
precision' x=2 y=3 z=0 cat=0
Scanning input for column types...
Maximum input row length: 29
Maximum number of columns: 3
Minimum number of columns: 1
ERROR: x column number > minimum last column number
        (incorrect field separator?)

   The manual page says:

     Number of column used as x coordinate (points mode)
     First column is 1
     Default: 1

so I specified it as column 2, the y value as column 3, and nothing for the
primary key column. Should that be considered the cat column? Where is my
command syntax incorect?

   While I'm learning how to do this, does it matter if there are multiple
'well_log' values at the same location? I guess that multiple wells were
drilled in essentially the same place so they have the same long/lat values
but different row keys in the postgres table.


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