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Tue Mar 22 07:11:03 EDT 2011

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:54 AM, Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it> wrote:
> Il giorno mar, 22/03/2011 alle 08.42 +0100, Soeren Gebbert ha scritto:
>> Indeed it is currently not user friendly to install and configure a
>> WPS GRASS GIS environment and GRASS does not have a WPS server
>> included. But GRASS GIS 7 supports WPS server by providing the
>> capability of creating WPS XML process descriptions for every module.
>> And there is the wps-grass-bridge which implements direct GRASS GIS 7
>> back-end support for PyWPS and ZOO WPS. The 52N WPS server uses the
>> wps-grass-bridge to implement GRASS GIS support too.
>> My hope is that i.e. 52N will provide a graphical installer for there
>> WPS GRASS GIS 7 and Sextante solution to make the deployment and use
>> of a WPS server quite simple.
> Hi all.
> Thanks for the suggestion. However, IMHO requiring the installation of a
> WPS server, plus the configuration of all modules, is a rather heavy
> requirement, and it will make the installation of the whole beast much
> more cumbersome.
> Furthermore, 52N is in java, which will make things only worse.

Agreed - no java where not necessary.

But PyWPS is python, which is already used widely in QGIS and GRASS.

> In addition, this does not seem a short term solution, and I think we
> need something working smoothly *now*.

Definitely - I haven't used the GRASS plugin for some time, but I see
it as an important aspect of QGIS. If it is not working nicely at the
moment, it should be fixed - no questions.

Nevertheless, I would suggest that for the future (mid term) the
possibility of replacing the GRASS plugin with WPS technology might be
the way forward, as it should open the possibilities to interface with
other WPS compliant applications as well.

> All the best.
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