[GRASS-user] sqlbuilder (SELECT)

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Wed Mar 23 03:26:50 EDT 2011

Hi list,
trying to manage a vector attribute table, I explored the sqlbuilder
menu (py gui, grass64, quite a bit old svn version -- say 2 months).

My query contains a modulus condition, so I guess I can use the "%"
button, but the query is qualified unvalid.

e.g I need to extract "z" value every 100 m from a contour line "topo"
vector map.
This statement :

        SELECT z FROM topo WHERE z % 100 = 0

returns this error message :

        SQL statement is not valid.
        dbmi: Protocol error

Any idea of what I am doing wrong ?
Thank you,


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