[GRASS-user] Vector map text legend

Martin Album Ytre-Eide Martin.Album.Ytre-Eide at nrpa.no
Thu Mar 31 05:39:36 EDT 2011


I am looking for a way to make a legend to some vector area maps. The maps contain four different types of areas and are given different names.

I have made a python script running d.mon, d.vect etc. with the png driver producing about 14 png files, which then is used to create a gif file.

A way to create a vector legend is to do v.to.rast and use the d.legend from the "dummy" rast - however, I don't see how you can get a legend with text in this way? I don't think you can since raster should have numerical values. You could make a legend without category numbers and try to add the text with d.text, but I don't know if that's a good way of doing things.

Then there is ps.map which solves this in a nice way - the problem is - I would like to keep the png format. I could just make the legend with ps.map - and add it to my png files with some image tools in python, but I am unsure of the result is worth the effort.

Any other ideas to do this?


Martin Ytre-Eide

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