[GRASS-user] <d.frontline > Shell script to display frontlines on graphics monitor

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed May 25 07:35:09 EDT 2011

Alexander wrote:
> I wrote a small shell script (named <d.frontline>) to
> display several types of frontlines on graphics monitors.
> It uses <v.to.db> to find line's azimuths (>=GRASS 6.4.1) and
> <awk> to generate suitable <d.graph> commands.
> Honestly speaking, I'm a beginner in programming and shell
> scripting, so it may contain errors..

I've looked through it and it is quite well done. Could we add
it to the grass-addons repository?

a couple of minor notes-

* consider moving the temp file creation until after all the
parsing checks are done, so that they are only generated when
we know the module is going to run and empty files are not
left behind.

* always "quote" filename $VARIABLES, or else the script will
break on MS Windows where path names commonly have spaces in

* did you try the geology/strike* symbols before making your own?
were they deficient for some reason? (too long bases for the
task, or ..?)  [no problem, just like feedback if they could be

* consider advertising it in the geology + atmospheric science
field of study sections in the GRASS wiki:

* besides left,right, consider a "both" side of line option.

> It would be great if it could be useful to someone, for
> example, for geologists like me :)

the problem of line styles is still not completely solved,
hopefully we can do something with that in grass7, but this has
been a missing functionality for a long time- so thanks!


ps- I just noticed the collection of new symbols by Martin
Povolny. lots of them, great. :)

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