[GRASS-user] How to generate a "bigger PNG file"

Marcello Gorini gorini at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 08:12:06 EDT 2011

Marcello Gorini wrote:

> >> Or I guess you could export it with a larger number of pixels by setting
> >> some environment variables.
> >>
> >>export GRASS_WIDTH=
> >>export GRASS_HEIGHT=

> >Those will affect the size of images generated by d.* commands using
> >the PNG driver. They won't have any effect upon the images generated
> >by d.out.png.
True, my bad, sorry. Once again, I am so used to use "d.mon star=PNG
etc..." that I bypassed the r.out.png part of her e-mail :)


>The book is good, d.out.file is simply using the PNG driver internally. :-)

Oh, no, the book is not good... it is awesome! :) It has got me going
really fast in the beggining and still helps me a lot. The most usefull
book I have by far!

>n.b. I typically use this when I want to show multiple overlaid rasters
>in ps.map, which can only display one raster at a time. d.out.file format=
>geotiff then r.in.gdal + r.composite (or ps.map's rgb instruction).

Thanks for the tip!
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