[GRASS-user] GRASS GIS GUI on Mac OS X 10.7 - still problems?

Ralf Schäfer senator at ecotoxicology.de
Wed Nov 9 08:58:32 EST 2011

Dear GRASS users,

in a discussion thread on GRASS GUI for OS X Lion it William Kyngesbury stated:
" In fact, there may be new problems because Lion got rid of the rest of Carbon (as I understand it) and wxPython in GRASS is still Carbon-based.  A cocoa-based wxpython currently doesn't work in GRASS. "
So is anyone using the GRASS GUI under Lion OS X and are there problems - and if so, is there a time frame for when a wxpython GUI on OS X will be available?

I need the GUI for teaching at university and if there are issues I would refrain from upgrading to Lion.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

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