[GRASS-user] more on misaligned rasters vs vectors

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 22:44:45 EST 2011

Kirk wrote:
> Here is the kicker... a colleague imported the same
> files into ArcMap, and all three appear correct.
> His take was that maybe grass is reading the
> metadata for the .img file in an odd way... my take
> is that I'm probably doing something wrong. Or
> perhaps ArcMap is ignoring something that r.in.gdal
> is reading. 

try looking at the raster .img with 'gdalinfo'.
Along with a bunch of other stuff it should report
the 4 corners of the map in both AEA units and
lat/lon. Do the lat/lons of the corners look ok there?

You can also try converting some test points with
PROJ.4's cs2cs. (see the m.proj module for hints
on the terms to use)

'd.grid -g' is another nice sanity-check experiment
to see which dataset is right, and which is wrong.


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