[GRASS-user] how to use 'copy cats' tool in wx digitiser

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Sun Nov 20 07:51:30 EST 2011

Another little query, am I using the 'copy categories' tool the wrong
way... instructions when selecting that tool say 'left click =select;
ctrl+left = unselect, right click=confirm'
I have tried several combos of left and right, e.g. select/confirm
source, select/confirm target; or select source, select/confirm target;
select source, confirm target; but cannot seem to successfully copy cats
from one centroid to another.

from recollection, the old v.digit tool for this process had a 'click
source - click target - confirm click' i.e. three stages whereas the
current tool seems to only have two... does it need three?


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