[GRASS-user] category number incrementing when digitising

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Nov 21 10:52:01 EST 2011

On 20/11/11 15:51, Shane Litherland wrote:
> My concern here is not how to use them, but that the check/list boxes in
> the dialog appear to increment the cat numbers without them actually
> being used. e.g. If I click on 'next to use' in the listbox ten times,
> the cat that will be used next goes from 320 to 330, before I have
> digitised anything to even give a cat to.
> A couple of other odd things like this in wx dialogs/gui seem to have
> come down to what version of wx/python/GRASS is being run together, so I
> was wondering if anyone else can repeat this event in their dialog, and
> if not, why (maybe newer wx/python?)

Sorry, I skipped over the fact that you were speaking about the 
wx-digitizer. Yes, I can confirm that problem. Whenever one switches 
from 'Next to use' (BTW: any reason for the wording change from the old 
tcl/tk digitizer where it was 'Next not used' ?), to 'Manual entry' and 
back, the counter increases by 1. At the same time, when you actually 
digitize in 'Next to use' mode, the counter does not increment visibly 
in the parameter window. You have to close that window and open it again 
to make this visible.

Generally, the fact that this parameter (i.e. choice of mode) is hidden 
in the parameter window, makes it much less convenient to use. In this 
particular point, the tcl/tk system is easier.

However, in the wx-digitizer, you don't need to go through the boundary 
without category + centroid with category procedure, as you have the 
option of digitizing an area.

> Too late at night for me to dig up my system specs... tonight got wasted
> with other dramas on GRASS and a bunch of lost data... but if you want
> them, I can get them

I don't think this is related to system specs. This seems to be within 
the _setCategoryNextToUse(self) function in 
gui/wxpython/gui_modules/wxvdigit.py (or within possible library 
functions used there - don't have the time to dig deeper).

Best you file a bug report on this.


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