[GRASS-user] Cannot get past Wiki captcha

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 08:19:39 EST 2011

> > Benjamin wrote:
> >> Let's hope deactivating the captcha will have
> >> no bad consequence in the form of spamming.
> > unfortunately, from past experience I can pretty much
> > guarantee that it will.
> I think that the main issue is that captcha is enabled when
> creating new account. Let's see what will happen.

I've been through this on a number of wikis external to grass,
email + captcha protected account generation and all. all those
hours of cleanup I will never get back, and for me that wasted
time is a huge motivation killer.

why aren't we using the stock debian version of mediawiki, which
is known to work and tested by many thousands using the same
config? (yay pkg-stable software versions and the debian bug
tracker knowledge base)

related// are there any plans to link with the core OSGeo LDAP
login, so that people don't need multiple accounts?


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