[GRASS-user] Fwd: line cats along a path

Pankaj Kr Sharma pkscwc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 02:41:30 EST 2011

Dear list,

I am looking for a list of categories of lines along a path identified
successfully by v.net.path.
I assume this should be something simple by looking at the nice output of
the v.net.path.
In the output table of v.net.path, categories of new paths are listed in
layer1. There is no another layer.

I was looking through the codes of network analysis of modules as given in
the link below:


In this page, please scroll to the bottom , where it is written " List
stores the indices of lines on the path."
There is also written  " out  [list]  list of edges".

I think this will give me what I want.

However, in the modules of network analysis , I could not find  such
straight forward output option anywhere.

Please help me.

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Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:51 AM
Subject: line cats along a path
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Dear list,

Can someone please help me in listing line categories along a path (
created with v.net.path module) .
I am new to network analysis.

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