[GRASS-user] Re: d.vect dialog issues, and query tool issues (previously: GRASS GUI issues)

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Mon Oct 10 08:22:28 EDT 2011

I just came across something more in regards to python misbehaviour - it
may well be that GRASS 6.4.1 needs python 2.5 and ubuntu 10.04 has 2.6.

One website that outlined their success with GRASS after getting the 2.5
python version is
(note they were using windows7 and it too had python 2.6)

more searching finds other sites with ppa's etc for this 2.5 version.

I am yet to try it... a bit hesitant in whether I'll break something on my system... ;-)

Anyone know if newer versions of GRASS use python 2.6 or higher?


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