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> Hi,
> using 6.4.1, I imported a vector shape file which includes a tables.
> This table got a "cat" column by grass (which I don't need, I think)
> and already has a "key" column. In addition, I have got another table
> which also has a "key" column. Using both "key" columns, I want to
> combine both tables. How can I do that? I was able connect, as a
> second layer, the additional table to the vector data using the "key"
> column but then as far as I can see it is not really connected to the
> first table.
> I guess this is a standard procedure but I was not able to find the solution.
> Thanks
> Sebastian
Sebastian -

I think you're asking to connect two tables to the same map?

The two tables need to refer to the same features, and you use v.db.connect

Note that you can specify a different name for the key column using the 
key= parameter.


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