[GRASS-user] Linking raster map instead of copying - alternative to r.reclass?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 09:49:16 EDT 2011

Rainer wrote:
> I want to be able to acess the same raster map
> by using two different names, e.g. "map_2007" and
> "map".
> Is there a way of achieving this (under Linux)? I
> am using r.copy at the moment, but it uses quite
> a bit of hdd space (I have many maps!). I could
> use r.reclass, 
> r.reclass input=map_2007 output=map rules=???

put in a file, or read from stdin:

* = *

note r.reclass is only intended to work with CELL
(categorical) maps.

> In addition, would r.reclass be dynamic, i.e. if
> map_2007 is changing, will that be reflected when
> I access map?

yes, although only categories present when the
original r.reclass command was run would be
considered. (e.g. if the range expands the reclass
table won't know about that)

alternatively, you might try a big pile of symlinks.
(probably much easier for vector maps)


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