[GRASS-user] v.vect.stats has no results

Andres Kuusk andres at aai.ee
Tue Oct 18 03:45:01 EDT 2011


What I am doing wrong, or is this the problem of v.vect.stats?

I have an area vector "area_vector" of three rectangular areas and a 
vector "point_vector" with numerous points inside these areas.
The output of the command

v.vect.stats -p points=point_vector areas=area_vector type=point player=1 
alayer=1 method=average pcolumn=uav8 ccolumn=nuav scolumn=uav8mean --verbose

is empty. No error messages.

The areas in the area_vector have categories 1, 2, 3.
The column uav8 is present in the table point_vector and I can see 
the values of attributes making query in display window.
GRASS is using Postgres, driver pg. Attribute values are real.
v.rast.stats is working and updates attribute table.

Can the problem be that the point_vector has no column 'cat'? The key 
column for linking the vector layer to its attribute table has a different 

I am using GRASS-7, r47868.

Andres Kuusk
Tartu Observatory, Estonia

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