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> Johannes Radinger wrote:
> > So I checked the python.exe*32 (the only python that is running) in
> > the taskmanager (after booting and starting the wxGUI). And although
> > GRASS_PYTHON is set in the environmental variables to
> > C:\Python27\python.exe, the python which is used is still the
> > GRASS-Python in the path C:\Programm Files(x64)\GRASS
> > 6.4.1\extrabin\python.exe
> > 
> > So what causes this? How can I proceed? What should I check?
> How did you set GRASS_PYTHON?
> AFAIK, it's set in %GISBASE%\etc\env.bat; this will override any
> global setting.

I set the environmental variables in the environment settings in the system properties as I was told some months ago here in the mailing list.
Anyway I found the env.bat file. It contains besides others following lines:

rem Path to the python directory
if "x%GRASS_PYTHON%" == "x" set GRASS_PYTHON=python

What exactly should be changed there and how should i look like? As I said
before, the Python I want to be used is C:\Python27\python.exe. As it is set in the environemntal variables do I just need to delete it from the env.bat or what shoul I do exactly?


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