[GRASS-user] g.extension not working

Edgar Pimiento e_pimiento at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 4 02:05:25 EDT 2011

I like to install add-ons to Windows
GRASS 6.4 and get the below message. I also tried with Ubuntu,
but the module does not exist. I appreciate any help with Windows or Ubuntu.

g.extension extension=r.fuzzy 
Fetching <r.fuzzy> from
GRASS-Addons SVN (be patient)...
A    r.fuzzy\local_proto.h
A    r.fuzzy\shape.png
A    r.fuzzy\main.c
A    r.fuzzy\boundary.png
A    r.fuzzy\description.html
A    r.fuzzy\fuzzy.c
A    r.fuzzy\Makefile
A    r.fuzzy\set.png
U   r.fuzzy
Checked out revision 48100.
Compiling <r.fuzzy>...
test -d OBJ.i686-pc-mingw32 || mkdir -p
-I/c/OSGeo4W/include -g -O2  -I/c/OSGeo4W/include 
-I/c/OSGeo4W/include -I/c/OSGeo4W/include   
-I/c/osgeo4w/usr/src/grass641_release/dist.i686-pc-mingw32/include -o
OBJ.i686-pc-mingw32/fuzzy.o -c fuzzy.c
gcc.exe: installation problem, cannot
exec `cc1': No such
file or directory
make: *** [OBJ.i686-pc-mingw32/fuzzy.o]
Error 1
ERROR: Compilation failed, sorry.
Please check above error messages.
rm: cannot remove directory
Permission denied


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