[GRASS-user] Re: Using non-ASCII characters in Legend display

António Rocha antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt
Fri Sep 9 03:58:08 EDT 2011

Hi Martin
I know where to set the font and the encoding. What I was asking is a 
combination of Font and Encoding that allows me to Display those 
characters in the legend and in Map Display window?
Martin Landa wrote:
> 2011/9/5 António Rocha <antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt>:
>> Does anyone knows a  GRASS_FONT and GRASS_ENCODING configuration tyhat
>> allows to display  non-ascii characters in Map Display Windows legend (e.g.
>> ááéã)
> GUI Settings -> Map Display -> Font settings -> Default font for GRASS displays
> Martin

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