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Hi again! 

My input maps (two .tiff and one .shp) makes a pile, they cover each other looking from upside, when i put them in the display i can see them only with transparency. What I want is to export them all together in one file (so that they can keep their reference between them) in an appropriate format so as to insert them in a 3D edit program (with no reference system, thats why i want to export them all together and not one by one) and use them seperately (that's why r.patch can't be useful). Imagine that you look the output file from the side, you see 3 different layers (the top, the middle and the lower) that you can use furtherly (p.e. give them volumes). I think it is a bit challenge!

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> Subject: Re: [GRASS-user] simultaneous raster maps export
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> 2011/9/23 giannis Nj <netsagief at hotmail.com>:
> > Hi Marcus and thanks for the answer,
> >
> > i tried your tip but this doesn't work for me, because my firstly imported
> > .tiff layers mostly cover one another, they are not just side-by-side,
> Ah, I understood you wanted a *stack* of maps.
> > so if
> > i make them one file i won't be able to use them seperately in the covered
> > areas.
> So the input maps are side by side? Then you want to mosaik them
> with r.patch.
> > Also i want to add a .shp file on top of them and export all together
> > in one schema. I don't know if it is clear what i want,
> Not much, say, I don't know what a "schema" means.
> > but it is very simple in close-source gis.
> Like so in open source GIS once we know what you wish :)
> Markus
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