[GRASS-user] download MODIS data (MOD43B3)

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2011/9/30 Chemin, Yann (IWMI) <Y.Chemin at cgiar.org>:
> 1 - Does this mean we can start reducing the number of modules from
> 2 - What is the minimum amount of Modules in GRASS GIS? Is there a list?
> 3 - Shall we start by removing the imagery menu altogether?
> 4 - is there a wiki page about the new GRASS listing?
> Sorry if those questions are redondant to previous discussion, been out of
> touch...

just not to add new and new modules (which are quite specific like
r.modis is) to trunk and discuss how to organize GRASS modules. The
number of GRASS modules is quite high and it's quite confusing for
non-power users (e.g. students in my courses at the university which
are very ofter lost when searching for standard GIS functionality in
GRASS). wxGUI search engine helps a bit, but it's not enough. I think
it's not good approach to add new and new modules to trunk, this will
just increase number of modules in standard distribution. The goal is
to continue in discussion and develop experimental framework of
toolboxes including packaging GRASS to give users more freedom which
tools he/she wants to install and to use.

So heavy changes in trunk are not planned at this moment, first we
could implement experimental environment for installing, wxGUI
integrating, removing selected toolboxes. Good candidate are
r.streams.* modules from Addons which could build up 'hydrology'
toolbox for our initial experiments. Take a look at [1] as I mentioned
in the last mail. Feel free to extend the article.


[1] http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Toolboxes

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