[GRASS-user] About the GRASS-GIS wiki manager

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Sat Dec 1 03:18:20 PST 2012

Dear community,

in my attempt to stabilize my course, as a user, in -- and out -- of the 
OSGeo, and especially the GRASS-GIS community, I kindly request to take over 
the GRASS-GIS wiki manager 

The GRASS-GIS wiki is, undoubtedly, increasing both in size and quality of 
content. However, there are still things that can be done for the much desired 
"internal consistency" and its usefulness. Towards this goal, there is 
unfortunately always lack of time to invest and ensure that the material:

- is presented in a clean and easy to read structure
- is up-to-date or if old but still useful, explicitly identified as "historic"
- protected by undesired noise (read: Spam or other irrelevant content)

Of course, the above points remind myself: I have several contributions in the 
wiki which can, and should, be much improved :-p.

Therefore, it is reasonable, to me at least, that one or just a few community 
member(s), not too busy involved in many other community-related tasks, will 
take over this responsibility.

Unfortunately, I have no evidence to support my claim that one or a few 
dedicated community member(s) will successfully move towards the premises of 
consistency and quality.  There is no mechanism, as far as my understanding 
goes, to ensure that.

Towards this scope, I will try to invest some time during the week and work on 
the wiki.  My idea is to to engage in a slow but solid process.  I will try to 
prefer quality over speed!

Along with my request to participate as a wiki manager, I would like to have 
some feedback and Ideas upon this.  How can we improve the overall quality of 
the GRASS-GIS wiki?  Is there a (better) way to strive for a clean, easy to 
read, consistent and high quality content?

Thank you, Nikos

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