[GRASS-user] plans to reintroduce querying in d.mon wx0?

Shaun Walbridge shaun.walbridge at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 03:05:04 PST 2012


I'm breaking in GRASS 7.0, and had a question. My primary mechanism for
interacting with GRASS is grass -text, only doing things at the
commandline, but occasionally visualizing the results via d.mon. The new
wx0 interface looks like a nice upgrade from the X-based one, but I'm
sorely missing the ability to query my raster. When I click the button, it
states '"Querying is not implemented in standalone mode of map display". Is
this something that will be fixed at some point, or a 'feature'? I don't
particularly want to load a whole GUI when all I'm doing is just clicking a
couple of points on the map to verify the results of my mapcalc attempts.

Thanks for your time!
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