[GRASS-user] Filtering or querying data?

Aren Cambre aren at arencambre.com
Sun Dec 9 10:09:45 PST 2012

I have a PostGIS dataset with just over 2 million rows. Each row has a
PostGIS geometry point value and several attributes.

I'd like to do some analysis on certain subsets of the data, but I can't
figure this out. All I can find is how to import the data anew from
Postgres, after I've used Postgres to filter or query the data.

Is there a way of querying data once you have it in GRASS GIS? Alternately,
is it possible to leave the attribute data back in Postgres, and then do
queries or filters based on this data?

For example, suppose that my 2+ million rows had a boolean column *X*. How
would I run GRASS analysis on the entire dataset, then immediately do the
same analysis on only the data where this column is set to *false*?

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