[GRASS-user] r.denoise segfaults on a raster of 1166468401 cells

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Thu Dec 20 23:37:44 PST 2012

Alexander Muriy:

> > > Hi Nikos. In my experience, <mdenoise> utility works well with raster
> > > sizes no more than 2000x2000 (regardless of RAM size). That's why the
> > > only way to denoise the large rasters ? using of tiles and patching of
> > > final results.


> > Of course! Yet, what about differently smoothed tile borders?  Any
> > additional hints?


> In my work, patching smoothed tiles (separate rasters) not cause any
> serious distortions in result raster. Anyway, it needs some more
> investigations :)

Thanks, this is, I guess, a meaningful piece of info.  As you state, however, 
further investigation would probably make sense.


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