[GRASS-user] Postgres import on Windows = "ERROR: Unable to open data source"

Aren Cambre aren at arencambre.com
Sat Dec 29 10:14:03 PST 2012

When it try to run this in 6.4.3svn (last night's build) or 6.4.2:
*v.in.ogr -t -o dsn=C:\Users\Aren Cambre\Desktop\DEEM documents\TxDOT\grass
connection.dsn output=crashes*

...all I get this this:
*ERROR: Unable to open data source <C:\Users\Aren Cambre\Desktop\DEEM
documents\TxDOT\grass connection.dsn>*

That error is vague.

The DSN was generated by v.in.ogr.qgis in Quantum GIS, and it does work in
QGIS's bundled GRASS 6.4.2. In the *grass connection.dsn *file is this:
*PG:dbname='de' host=localhost port=5432 user='development'
password='XXXXXXXX' sslmode=disable*
(of course, XXXXX is replaced with the actual password)

Through running process monitor, I see that GRASS has no problem accessing
the DSN file. Also, through pgAdmin III's *Server Status* utility, I can
verify that GRASS is *not* attempting to connect to the database.

I'm at a loss on how to further diagnose this.

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