[GRASS-user] Problems with histogram and scalebar in wxpython GUI (GRASS6.4.2RC3)

Aldo Clerici aldo.clerici at unipr.it
Sat Feb 4 06:09:47 EST 2012

Dear GRASSusers and developers,


I'm using GRASS6.4.2RC3 under Fedora 16 and I'm having problems with the
wxpython GUI.

1) In the 'Create histogram of raster map' function, the style pie and the
Color for text and axes options are not working.

The options  run fine on the tcltk GUI and in command line mode.


2) In the 'Add scalebar and north arrow', the scale can be modified only
once and the option can't be re-entered nor the scale can't be deleted.

Also in this case there are no problems with the tcltk GUI.


Bugs or something wrong in my Python?

Many thanks in advance


A. Clerici

Parma University


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