[GRASS-user] Coordinates from distances

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 15:51:06 EST 2012

Daniel wrote:
> Might be a bit off topic but here we go:
> I need to calculate coordinates for several
> points, something similar to m.cogo, but instead
> of having distance + bearing information, I'll
> have distance from at least 3 fixed, known
> landmarks. Is there a tool already built for
> this?

not that I know of, but see also v.in.geodesic and
v.transect(s) in addons and the r.transect module.

> If not, I tough about using a combination of
> v.buffer + v.overlay in order to cross circles
> representing the possible location of each point
> from the landmarks.

yup, my first try would be v.buffer + v.patch +
'v.clean tool=break error=intersection_points', but
the Venn overlap area made by v.overlap may be
better if the ranges are sloppy.


see also this previous investigation into using
distance from cell phone towers to find lost hikers:



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