[GRASS-user] G_calloc error using r.in.xyz

Patrick Proffitt rpp136 at psu.edu
Tue Feb 7 12:24:55 EST 2012

I'm using r.in.xyz on a simple xyz point cloud.  I'm operating on 64 bit
Windows 7 with 4 GB RAM and 1.7GHz i5 processor.  I am running GRASS 6.4
from the MSYS command line and I am using this
tutorial<http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/LIDAR>as a templete.

My data is simple xyz from a comma seperated text file.  I can import this
txt file and use GRASS to convert it to .las format, I have set g.region
and now I am working to import with r.in.xyz.  The las2txt portion is
working and I can see a comma delineated text file as output.  When I
attempt to run it with r.in.xyz using the following command

r.in.xyz in=FILENAME.txt fs=, out=FILENAME_RAST

I receive the error

ERROR:  G_calloc: unable to allocate 1253898072 * 4 bytes at main.c:431

Looking up documentation I thought implementing the percent option as
follows would help the problem

r.in.xyz in=FILENAME.txt fs=, percent =50 out=FILENAME_RAST

However using percentage values all the way down to 1 I received the same
error, however the number multiplied by 4 bytes decreased to 78563304

Has anyone else encountered this error?  Is it a command line error or
insufficient processor capability?


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