[GRASS-user] how to import NetCDF data??

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I had to import a bunch of SSURGO NetCDF data not too long ago Michael (I was going back and forth with GRASS and MATLAB). I don't seem to remember having any trouble with gdal (which means that it must have worked!) Are you sure that the NetCDF is Lat Long?

What was your error exactly? Is the file too big to share? If not send it to me and I'll take a look.



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On Feb 7, 2012, at 12:33 PM, Michael Barton wrote:

> I'm trying to help someone at NCAR import NetCDF data and we keep getting an illegal north latitude error. Looking at the GDAL info, I think we need to specify some additional metadata, but the GDAL page stops short of giving an example of how to do this. Has anyone imported climate data this way?
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