[GRASS-user] The algorithm r.cost is not working

Elisa Solano Villareal villareal at fbk.eu
Tue Feb 14 05:56:46 EST 2012

Hi there,

I have a question, I am working with r.cost algotithm but is not running for my whole spatial data but when a put just a piece of the map it works.

The main problem is that the algorithm does not finish, but it seems as keeping running 112%, 115%,120%...

My version is 6.4 and the bigest cost raster size is  6085, 6823 for the starting points are 1727.

Grass showed also this message: Dev note: Adapted sites library used for vector points. (module should be updated to GRASS 6 vector library). As the matter of fact, we are no sure if it is the real problem.

Thanking in advance,

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