[GRASS-user] v.clean break

Paolo Craveri pcraveri at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 09:30:50 EST 2012

Hi all.

I am referring to an earlier similar problem.
In GRASS 6.4.1, spearfish dataset, I just tried this:

r.contour in=elevation.dem step=500 out=contour --overwrite
echo "VERTI:
L 2 1
591140 4917821
604188 4918841
1 1" | v.in.ascii out=arc format=standard --overwrite
v.patch in=arc,contour out=lines --overwrite
v.clean in=lines tool=break out=linesbreak thresh=0 --overwrite

but in this case v.clean doesn't make any break (no node is created at
the intersections)

If I export and re-import through a shapefile   v.clean works perfectly:

v.out.ogr dsn=pippo.shp in=lines
v.in.ogr dsn=pippo.shp out=arcsfromshp
v.clean in=arcsfromshp tool=break out=arcsfromshpbreak thresh=0 --overwrite


Paolo C.

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