[GRASS-user] Area/poly from lines

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
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Why do you want to add "width" to these? 

A GIS is not like a drawing or CAD program. There is no width to a vector line--including shapefiles. These lines do have geometry. As vector primitives (i.e., lines in the GIS), they are the connections between nodes. In GRASS, they also have topology (shapefiles have minimal topology). What 3D program is having trouble reading your data?

For display and export to a graphic program, you can set the displayed line width in the vector layer properties. 

You can create parallel lines a given distance apart with v.parallel. But that may not be helpful.


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> Maybe create a buffer around the lines?
> 2012/2/21 Moritz Lennert <mlennert at club.worldonline.be>:
>> On 21/02/12 11:46, giannis Nj wrote:
>>> I have a shapefile with lines only. Is it possible to add some area to
>>> these lines? Like fatening the lines. The lines are the walls of a
>>> castle but I can't use their exports ("file without geometry" gives as
>>> an error some 3d programs), so I want to add some width to these lines.
>>> Maybe adding polygons will help me too?
>> One possible strategy might be to transform the lines to raster, thicken
>> them and the retransform to vector as areas:
>> v.to.rast
>> r.grow
>> r.to.vect feature=area
>> Moritz
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