[GRASS-user] r.shaded.relief

Patrick S. patrick_GIS at gmx.ch
Tue Oct 16 07:13:29 PDT 2012

Dear list,

I try to reproduce previous work reported in a paper done with the
hillshade-tool of ArcGIS, and am using GRASS64.

Comparing the hillshade of GRASS6.4, GDAL and ArcGIS showed that the
results vary- at least in terms of the resulting raster-values. While I
assume ArcGIS to create a local reference with values always reaching
from 0 to 255, GDAL and GRASS show different rastervalue-variances for
differing days. Does someone know if a comparison between those is
possible or whether a common method is implemented? Is there an option
implemented to standardize the values?

gdaldem hillshade ./dem_ktzh1.tif hillshade_gdal.tif -alt 14 -az 235
r.shaded.relief map=r_dem alt=14 azim=235 shaded=r_hillshade --o

Thank you for your help,


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