[GRASS-user] Grass-GIS 7 first impressions

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 08:46:31 PDT 2012


> Second, Python selection panels, for modules that should allow multiple selections, work badly.

well, try eg. `r.report` (which really defines "multiple" params).

> For example, g.copy. In the TCL-TK interface, I can use g.copy for multiple copies. OK, I usually use the command-line anyhow, but: If I attempt a second selection in the Python interface pane, it replaces the first selection instead of adding to it.

This is a special case, `g.copy` doesn't define "multiple" params, it
uses "from,to" syntax. Choose "from" from map selection widget and
then manually write ",<map_to>". In any case autogenerated GUI of the
modules like `g.copy` is not very usable. It would be cool to have
some fancy "map management" to allow more user-friendly coping,
renaming and removing maps. It's core functionality.


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