[GRASS-user] Join sqlite table by coordinate pair (X,Y)

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 04:20:02 PDT 2012


I have a points vector file with the columns X and Y which are
populated with the respective coordinates.
Additionally I have a .csv file for the same points, also with the X
and Y column and a lot more columns
providing additional information. These two files don't share a single
unique key which can be used for joining.

Thus I'd like to use the X-Y pair as a key for importing and then
joining the csv table
to the vector. Is there any possibility to use two columns as a
combined key instead of one
(probably an SQL statement for db.execute)? Or do I need to first
create a new column
and combine x and y into a key for the vector and the csv?

Any suggestions how that can be done in GRASS (6.5, sqlite) in a simple way?

Best regards,

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