[GRASS-user] wingrass6 "d.mon png" and wingrass7 gui start failure in XP

王德辉 dehuiw at gig.ac.cn
Wed Oct 24 11:10:57 PDT 2012

Could you paste the link of "recent sqlite3.dll" ?

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主题: Re: [GRASS-user] wingrass6 "d.mon png" and wingrass7 gui start failure in XP

Il 24/10/2012 14:56, Vaclav Petras ha scritto:
> Is there any solution or workaround for user, like to use older
> version of WinGRASS or sqlite/spatialite?
Hi Vaclav, I had the same problem; as a workaround I searched in Google 
a new (recent) version  of sqlite3.dll and I copy it in 
apps/python27/DLLS, replacing the old one;
Now everything if working: anyway, I hope that OSgeo4W will soon replace 
directly in the compiled package.


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