[GRASS-user] Is "i.cluster" an implementation of the ISODATA algorithm?

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Mon Oct 29 23:35:02 PDT 2012

Hi PowerUsers!

I am slowly scratching (again) the image classification modules.  I've found an 
interesting lecture presentation, entitled  "The application of GIS in 
formulation and implementation of integrated coastal area management plans in 
the Guinea current region" by Alberto Altobelli [1].

In it, the ISODATA clustering algorithm is described (page 10, upper box).  
Following, two classification methods are mentioned, namely the MLC and the MDC 
(page 10, lower box).

I wonder why the term ISODATA [2] is not to be traced anywhere in the GRASS 
manuals, nor in the GRASS book (3rd ed.).  Can someone confirm that i.cluster 
is an(other) implementation of the ISODATA clustering algorithm?

Thank you, Nikos

ps- btw, the presentation contains two very nice tri-dimensional scatterplots 
(in pages 5 and 9). Does anyone know with which tool they have been created?

[1] <http://www.ics.trieste.it/media/135451/df2456.pdf>
[2] ISODATA, aka Migrating Means  or  Iterative Optimization Clustering 

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