[GRASS-user] Unable to locate Curses Includes

Rebecca Bennett rabennett at ymail.com
Wed Oct 31 07:30:39 PDT 2012

Dear Grass Users,

Trying to compile 6.4.3 from source on Ubuntu 12.04 in order to get at the add-ons which are not working in my prepackaged install.

Following these instructions (http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Compile_and_Install_Ubuntu) I check out the release_20121024_grass_6_4_3RC1 get as far as 
./configure \

but get the following error:
checking for long long int... yes
checking for W11... no
checking for X... no
checking whether to use Curses... yes
checking for curses.h... no
configure: error: *** Unable to locate curses includes.

Any suggestions / ideas welcome!

Many thanks for reading,

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