[GRASS-user] r.out.mpeg... how to change number of frames per second....

Andranik Hayrapetyan andranik.h89 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 01:46:38 PDT 2013

Good day.
I am using r.out.mpeg to make animation from a series of calculations of
NDVI, but as there is no way to change the interval between the first view
will change to second and so on, my video takes only a few seconds and is
passing to fast to notice something...
I want to make 1 or 2 views per second. Is it possible to do?

I tried to repeat the name of one map several times in the input of
r.out.mpeg. (e.g. r.out.mpeg view1=map1,map1,map1,map1,map2,map2......)
 but here I face another problem, the maximum limit of maps of 400 per view
So is there a way to change this limit?

Thanks in advance!
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