[GRASS-user] another database question grass 6.4.3

Shaun Langley shaunlangley at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 19:40:24 PDT 2013

I have access to a machine running grass 6.4.3.  I developed code using 6.4.2 which includes using the function v.out.org to export a vector file to a postgres database.  However, in the new version, it seems that the PostgreSQL driver isn't included.  Here's the relevant part of the output:

ERROR: value <PostgreSQL> out of range for parameter <format>
       Legal range: ESRI_Shapefile,MapInfo_File,TIGER,S57,DGN,Memory,BNA,CSV,GML,GPX,KML,GeoJSON,GMT,SQLite,PCIDSK,DXF,Geoconcept,GeoRSS,GPSTrackMaker,PGDump,GPSBabel,

Do I need to install something additional or was this left out intentionally?


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