[GRASS-user] another database question grass 6.4.3

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Apr 8 00:40:38 PDT 2013

On 08/04/13 08:14, Hamish wrote:
> Shaun wrote:
>> I have access to a machine running
>> grass 6.4.3.  I developed code using 6.4.2 which
>> includes using the function v.out.org to export a vector
>> file to a postgres database.  However, in the new
>> version, it seems that the PostgreSQL driver isn't
>> included.  Here's the relevant part of the output:
>> ERROR: value<PostgreSQL>  out of range for parameter<format>
> ...
>> Do I need to install something additional or was this left
>> out intentionally?
> The inclusion or exclusion of support for different DBs is
> determined at build time. The good news is that the code you
> wrote for 6.4.2 should work for all future 6.4.x without
> needing any changes. The bad news is that whoever built 6.4.3
> on that system will have to rebuild/replace it with a version
> of 6.4.3(rc/svn) that was built with support for the Postgres
> optional extra.

I always thought that the inclusion of specific drivers in v.*.ogr and 
r.*.gdal depends on the compilation of GDAL/OGR, not on the compilation 

@Shaun: what does 'ogrinfo --formats' show ?


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