[GRASS-user] Fuzzy K-mean

Robert A Brown brown782 at purdue.edu
Wed Apr 17 17:03:03 PDT 2013

I have been trying to work within the GRASS70 Command Line to interface with R. When I try to read in the rasters I get the following error:

In deleteDataset(DS) :
  Failed to delete dataset: C:\Users\....\Desktop\grass_data\PERMANENT\.tmp\unknown\nomralized_height

I navigate to the .tmp file and delete the rasters manually but I still get the same warning.

I am noticing that the R grass interface runs R in 32 bit. Is there a command to run R in 64 bit.

I notice when I run the stand alone R 64bit and use the interface to grass command:

initGRASS("C:/Program Files (x86)/GRASS GIS 7.0.svn", gisDbase="C:/Users/brown782/Desktop",location="grass_data",mapset ="PERMANENT", override=T)

R will give aforementioned error but it does read the rasters and I can do a whole suite of summary statistics.

I still have not been able to get the Fuzzy K-mean to run because the EMCluster package requires the data to be in a matrix and when I do this I am getting some strange Dimensions in R.

Any advice would as always be much appreciated


Robert Brown

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Tom wrote:
> I would recommend a combination of GRASS and R (http://cran.r-
> project.org/). R has fuzzy K-mean cluster capability, using
> the R addon package spgrass6 to read/write to/from GRASS and R.

see Roger's tutorial here:


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