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Thanks Micha


I'll have a look at this. I am trying to optimise the number of applications
on my system to have a limited number that I can actually use, yet cover all
evils!! Want to concentrate on processing and interpreting data, rather than
installing more GB. Creating a Linux partition is extra housekeeping, but as
you say, may be the best option. Would like to get everything on a modest
laptop, or even a subset of tools on my phablet..(another day!)


>Can you tell me what is the best Windows-based solution as well please, -to

Can't help feeling there is something built into Grass 7.0, that is right
under my nose.





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Consider the option to install a virtual machine running Linux. Gives you
the best of both worlds. You might choose the OSGeo Live DVD as your source
for the virtual machine. It runs Xubuntu, and you'll have right from the get
go GRASS 6.4 all the other GIS software you could want.
You'll find instructions on how to setup the Live DVD as a virtual machine
(with VirtualBox) right in the help files on the DVD. And after install the
"Guest Addons" in the new VM, you'll be able to share folders between the VM
and the host Windows computer, so you'll have access to any results from
your Linux GRASS work back on the Windows machine.


On 21/04/2013 13:55, Stephen Brearley wrote:

Hi Folks


Just wondering how best to execute Unix and Grass commands using Grass
6/7.0. I'm running Windows Vista, and had started installing Cygwin, but
this seems to be massive, and not even sure if this is the best environment,
as some users don't seem happy about it. I had initially thought I could use
the Console window, but this appears not to accept Unix commands. I also
tried the included MySys Unix console which appears to be a Bash shell, but
this does not recognise Grass commands.


>What would you recommend is the best option if I want to use Grass quite a
lot, but don't want to convert my PC to a fully fledged Linux system (unless
that really is the best option, such as using an emulator).




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