[GRASS-user] Attribute table from v.net.allpairs; v.out.ogr - dsn option in GUI

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 06:01:33 PDT 2013


There are two little issues that recently popped up in GRASS 7

1) I performed a pairwise network analysis with v.net.allpairs.
The attribute table to the output map "map" that is produced is called
"map_1" (note: _1 !!). Thus when I then try to export the attribute table
to a csv using v.out.ogr I get following warning (which is of course net a
db.out.ogr input=map_1 dsn=path/to/csv/file.csv format=CSV
WARNING: Vector map <map_1> not found -->right, because there is no map_1,
the map is called "map"
Is that an intended behaviour that the corresponding attribute table for
v.net.allpairs gets a ending of "_1"?

2) It seems that the option for the output in db.out.ogr is maybe set wrong
(http://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass/trunk/scripts/db.out.ogr/). Is it really
necessary that the outputfile already exists because the GUI asks to select
a file rather than allow specifying the path to the file? I want to create
a new csv with that module, so maybe the following needs to be changed from
"old" to "new":

#%option G_OPT_F_INPUT
#% key: dsn
#% gisprompt: old,bin,file
#% description: Table file to be exported or DB connection string
#% required : yes

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