[GRASS-user] Ubuntu Packages for Addons [was: Re: Fwd: Re: ppa for grass 7 Ubuntu Quantal]

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Thu Apr 25 03:59:10 PDT 2013

Dear community of GRASS users,
is there a need for having packages for the GRASS addons?

Please give feedback by:
(+1 / 0 / -1)

And of saying yes (+1), would you voluteer in heping with packaing and
maintaining the daily builds of the PPA?

Please give feedback by:
(+1 / 0 / -1)

> Below a suggestion for the packaging structure:
> regarding addon packaging. We can create packages like
> grassaddons(full addons)
> grassaddons-imgagery
> grassaddons-vector
> grassaddons-raster
> grasssaddons-general
> I can give it a try if everyone agrees on package naming and is necessary

I started off on with creating the general infrastructure:

* just wait for the import to finish
* start off with the debian files as usual.
* then run the recipe:


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