[GRASS-user] GRASS to ID Nuclear Facilities?

Melissa Hanham mhanham at miis.edu
Fri Apr 26 13:50:40 PDT 2013

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Hi GRASS Developers and Users!

I work for the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)
in Monterey, CA. One of our biggest challenges is identifying
undeclared nuclear facilities. CNS has experienced imagery analysts,
and we can identify various signatures of different types of
facilities, but we'd like to try automating the early stages of
imagery analysis by using GIS information derived from images to
predict the likelihood that a nuclear facility may exist in the area
-- essentially triage the areas which are most likely to host a

We feel pretty confident that we can develop known and new signatures
of different types of nuclear facilities, but don't have the in-house
capability on object-based image analysis using GRASS GIS.

My questions are:

1) Is this a good use of GRASS?
2) Where can I find a developer?

Kind regards,

Melissa Hanham
Research Associate
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction with training & analysis

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