[GRASS-user] Grass7 - Inconsistencies with v.out.ogr and v.out.postgis

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 26 20:10:58 PDT 2013

Mark wrote:
> When I inspect the details of 900914, it mirrors the correct
> SRID - its just labelled 900914 instead?

fwiw, the "google funny projection" is epsg 900913, not 14.

(if you squint your eyes the EPSG code spells out the word "google")

#  Chris' funny epsgish code for the google mercator
<900913> +proj=merc +a=6378137 +b=6378137 +lat_ts=0.0 +lon_0=0.0 +x_0=0.0 +y_0=0 +k=1.0 +units=m +nadgrids=@null +wktext  +no_defs <>


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