[GRASS-user] How GRASS loads raster images into memory?

Andranik Hayrapetyan andranik.h89 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 06:08:53 PDT 2013

Good day,

I would like to understand how GRASS loads raster images into memory to
perform calculations on them.
Does it load the entire image into memory and only then do the calculation
on them, or it loads image into memory by portions sequentially?
Or may be this depends on specific module?
In particular I am interested in 2 modules: *r.mapcalc* and *r.patch*.

In my experiments I had strong feeling that it loads image into memory by
portions, because the usage of memory during the calculation was not big
but the HDD I/O was continuous and quite aggressive...

Any answer or links to documentation about this issue can help me a lot.

Thanks in advance!
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